United Trades began as an idea at first. An idea that there was a better way to learn the various facets of the trades we study, as well as a better way to interact with our fellow peers. We wanted a place that didn’t spam us with emails for using it, didn’t bombard us with advertisements while exploring it, and didn’t force us to sift through mountains of junk to find what we were looking for.

We wanted a place where it was okay to be union, where all of the myths, lies, and propaganda surrounding organized labor could be laid to rest; and brothers of common trades could work together to forward our craft as a whole. What you see here at United Trades, is the product of many great people believing such things were possible. We hope that you’ll use us; but more importantly, hope that you’ll join us in forwarding the dream so many have started. Welcome my friend, to United Trades.

At United Trades, our mission is quite simple. To provide vital resources and information to the tradesman, while also offering an environment for that tradesman to network and collaborate with his fellow peers. We hope to achieve this goal by providing the highest quality content in the form of articles, discussion posts, videos, and news feeds; while also providing a framework for our readers and users to contribute to our community. Through this, we aim not only to equip tradesmen with all the tools necessary for success in their given careers, but also to foster a spirit of cooperation amongst tradesmen in similar fields. In short, we hope to educate the tradesman; and hope that tradesmen (in turn) are willing to educate each other.