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  • Industrial Pipefitting
    By Tim Daly I was twenty years old in 1981 when I took both a math test and an algebra...
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  • Industrial and Commercial Boiler Systems
    By Tim Daly What makes the world go round? In your lifetime you’ve probably heard many theories: Angular momentum, gravitational...
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  • Steam Traps: Types & Applications
    UNDERSTANDING STEAM TRAPS United Trades Exclusive By Tim Daly A Major Key to Getting The Most Work Out Of Your Steam  We have...
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  • 10 Things Things You Need To Know About Pipe
    By Tim Daly If you’re going to be a pipefitter, there are some basic facts and figures that you need...
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  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Welding
    By Tim Daly   Since the dawn of the industrial age, pipefitters and welders have been closely linked together in both...
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  • Simple & Rolling Pipe Offsets
    The simple offset formula (or the 45 degree offset formula) is used to calculate where you should be cutting...
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  • Thermal Expansion
    Thermal Expansion Finding the thermal expansion of pipe is relatively easy using the formula for "linear expansion". There are many...
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  • Jumper Offsets
    Jumper Offsets A jumper offset in a plumbing system uses a combination of fittings to go around an obstacle, such...
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  • Soldering Copper Plumbing Pipe
    How To Solder Copper Plumbing Pipes
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  • Cutting Cast Iron Pipe
    Old plumber shows how to cut cast iron pipe.
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  • Arc Welding Basics
    How to Arc Weld | Welding
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  • Roof Drain Hydraulic Drain Loads
    Plumbing Roof drain hydraulic load calculations Sizing rain leaders and gutters is a pretty simple process (assuming you know the proper...
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